Ironclad has extensive experience regarding CFO/Comptroller management support including the Defense General Fund (O&M) Comptroller functions spanning the full range comprising budget, accounting systems and policy. Ironclad currently provides extensive comprehensive program management services. Ironclad professionals combine subject matter expertise and technical resources to accomplish client goals. Our services encompass all phases of the CFO life-cycle to include strategic planning and budgeting, development, training, on-site management, implementation and execution, and documentation and evaluation. Other facets of Ironclad capabilities include contingency cost accounting, Afloat (Navy) Financial Analysis and Supply/Maintenance Interfaces to enable or enhance the flow of data between legacy Financial and Supply information systems.


Media Exploitation

Ironclad provides Media Exploitation and Computer Forensics support to a variety of Department of Defense clients. In the execution of this mission our Forensics Specialists acquire and exploit digital images using forensic tools to examine file structure, conduct text searches, and examine deleted files and unallocated space to extract files of interest in support of overseas U.S. intelligence missions.

Intelligence Analysis

Ironclad’s Intelligence Analysts are responsible for researching, developing and presenting intelligence products at the tactical, operational and strategic levels. Ironclad’s support also includes analyzing, presenting, and publishing all-source political and military analysis and intelligence production in support of operationally deployed forces in central and southwest Asia.

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Business Intelligence
Business/Financial Consulting
Database Management
Data Processing and Analysis
Data Warehousing
Software Development
Configuration Management
Computer Forensic Support
Military Analysis
Media Exploitation
Intelligence Support
Information Warfare/Assurance