Information Assurance

Ironclad provides Information Assurance support in the form of computer network defense, certification and accreditation, DIACAP compliance, vulnerability assessments and training. We provide IT Systems Engineering and Design, Web server development, database development, construction and operation. We also deliver maintenance of synchronized influence websites supporting Combatant Commanders in central and southwest Asia. Ironclad likewise supports identity management solutions for our customers who use the DoD CAC card for PKI authentication to mission essential systems.

Software Engineering

Ironclad provides support for several government-owned software applications. In this role, our software engineering group provides database, application, and IT infrastructure support. Specifically, we support IBM, Microsoft and Oracle product technologies and have a large staff of J2EE software engineers. Our team uses CMMI compliant software development and maintenance processes; we support and maintain complete test, development, and version-control systems at our headquarters location. Some of the major projects currently underway include a code conversion for a $10B/year financial accounting system and the development of a custom reporting module to reveal true costs for supporting contingency operations like earthquake relief, hurricane response, and combat operations.

Business Intelligence

Ironclad is currently engaged with several of our customers on large Business Intelligence (BI) software implementations. BI technologies provide historical, current and predictive views of business operations. Common functions of business intelligence technologies are reporting, online analytical processing, analytics, data mining, business performance management, benchmarking, and predictive analytics. The primary purpose of BI is to support better business decision-making by converting data into actionable information at the “click” of a mouse. Ironclad is in the midst of creating the data marts and multi-dimensional data models to provide BI capabilities to our clients. Not only is the BI replacing many processes previously performed with their legacy data query and reporting capabilities, customers are also gaining far greater analytical tools providing near real-time monitoring capabilities, including scorecards, and dashboards. Organizations overly reliant on "spreadsheet analytics" are prime candidates for Business Intelligence. Ironclad Business Intelligence solutions enable business analysts to focus on solving systemic problems instead of "data mining" simply to identify the existence of a problem.

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