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Our Story

Named for the Ironclad warship that was built to replace wooden warships vulnerable to explosives—Ironclad Technology Services LLC was similarly originated in 2008 to remediate the technological vulnerabilities of the Federal Government and Defense agencies. Driven by a culture of excellence and a focus on customer satisfaction and employee growth, Ironclad has since grown to become a competitive prime contractor and has worked in 25 states and four countries.

In order to maintain that pattern of year-over-year growth, we know we need to invest in both our people and the organization itself. Accordingly, we make professional development a priority by providing challenging growth opportunities for our employees and investing in their continuing education and certifications. Organizationally, Ironclad routinely invests in our internal systems to ensure that our business is built on cutting edge technology and industry standard certifications.


Our mission is to deliver unmatched expertise and innovative solutions to the most complex technical challenges faced by our customers.


Ironclad aims to be the hub for innovation and technical experts to support the modernization and transformation of our country’s defense and government agencies.


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