Security protection engineered from inception

Cloud is an accelerator that agencies can utilize to leapfrog their digital capabilities to the next generation and transform their mission execution. Despite the growth of FedRAMP authorized cloud providers and their proven cost efficiencies, the pace of cloud adoption in government continues to lag behind the industry. Government and Defense agencies continue to struggle in either migrating their workloads or taking full advantage of cloud services available to them. Ironclad’s comprehensive cloud architecture, engineering and operations approach employs best practices such as Infrastructure as Code to automate, secure and scale cloud adoption.


Ironclad and our team of cloud SMEs have proven experience and expertise in migrating legacy business systems to the commercial cloud. As virtualization technologies evolve and requirements for decentralized data solutions grow more complex, Ironclad leads the way in cloud migration, sustainment, and cloud-native development solutions.

Our highly-automated, highly-available cloud solutions allow customers to take full advantage of the many benefits and cost savings that come with the commercial cloud. Ironclad is an AWS GovCloud Public Sector Partner and has unparalleled expertise in the end-to-end migration of legacy business systems and development of new capabilities in the commercial cloud.

Methods and Techniques

Offering leading edge Infrastructure as-a Service (IaaS) and Platform as-a Service (PaaS) capabilities.