Are legacy systems impacting your mission and slowing you down ?

Government missions are under constant pressure to meet increasing business demands and requirements. Most of them continue to use systems and processes built decades ago using technologies that have since become obsolete and no longer supported. In short, federal and DoD agencies face an existential crisis with cost-prohibitive legacy systems locking critical mission data and impacting mission execution.

Ironclad can help you overcome these risks and holistically modernize your organization including your business processes, software, infrastructure and people.


We employ a multi-pronged modernization strategy that includes streamlining business processes, optimizing user experience, and replatforming mission-critical systems, all without disrupting ongoing operations and engineering security at every layer. Throughout this journey, we also support change management and train your staff and users to be more productive and thrive in the new operating model.

Our approach puts you on a trajectory of continuous evolution empowering your organization to continuously deliver new capabilities to meet tomorrow’s challenges.

Methods and Techniques

Case Study

This major defence agency accelerated audit-readiness using a modern digital financial management system and critically completed fiscal audit with minimal notices of findings and recommendations (NRs) for the first time.