Unravel insights and augment machine intelligence in human decisions

Government agencies accumulate large amounts of data everyday and find it challenging to manage, maintain and make sense of their data assets. Agencies have a unique opportunity to capitalize on their data assets and derive insights and intelligence that can transform how they execute their mission. Ironclad’s analytics solution unlocks deep rooted insights from government’s data assets and augments our customers with machine intelligence that can critically inform and drive their mission.


Ironclad has extensive experience supporting federal and defense agencies in operationalizing highly scalable data warehouses and lakes that produce insightful analytics, critically enabling our customer’s decision making. Going beyond conventional business intelligence, we now leverage data science and cloud platforms to explore and analyze the data, curate training data sets, build machine learning models and integrate predictive and prescriptive analytics into our applications. We have baked these approaches and best practices such as MLOps into our reference architecture that can help kickstart the government’s data transformation journey and scale production of AI/ML capabilities.

Methods and Techniques


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