Continuously deliver secure high-quality production software at mission speed.

Government agencies increasingly depend on their IT systems, applications and infrastructure to effectively execute their mission. They face a constant demand for new features and capabilities to meet their increasing backlog of requirements from legislation, executive orders, and other initiatives. Ironclad’s comprehensive DevSecOps approach focuses on culturally transforming our customer organization into high-performing factories capable of delivering secure high-quality software releases at scale and high velocity.


We integrate Continuous Integration / Continuous Delivery (CI/CD) pipelines to orchestrate and automate build, test and deployment functions. Our solution employs Test-Driven Development (TDD) automates all forms of testing including unit, integration, security and performance testing. We implement Infrastructure as Code (IaC) and Pipeline as Code (PaC) techniques to automate deployments with no downtime. Beyond automation, we engineer security in every layer of our process and software to maximize protection of systems, data and users. Our cross-functional teams collaborate across all stakeholders ensuring constant alignment to business goals and continuously delivering high quality secure software releases at high velocity.

Methods and Techniques

Case Study

This emergency management agency scaled their nationwide training program for first responders and emergency workers through adoption of our Agile and DevSecOps practices.