Mission Agile Playbook

MAP bakes-in quality and security and accelerates delivery

Mission Agile Playbook (MAP) is a confluence of best of breed practices, tools and thought leadership collectively scaling your agile delivery. Specifically designed for federal agencies, MAP can be quickly tailored to your organization to maximize efficiency and productivity. We continuously enrich and improve MAP with new and innovative techniques to solve emerging challenges and operationalize next-generation capabilities. MAP enables our teams to consistently execute projects at high performance and our customers always get the highest return when they invest in Ironclad.

Key components of MAP includes

Agile Central

Agile Central is a web-based repository of agile techniques and templates employed by our teams to consistently execute agile projects. Implemented as a set of Wikis, Agile Central is a living library of how-to guides and solutions for common challenges and problems collaboratively developed, curated and maintained by our teams. Agile Central maximizes collaboration and accelerates value delivery for our customers.

Digital Factory

Digital Factory is a fully engineered automation pipeline that delivers secure software and machine learning models using DevSecOps and MLOps practices. Implemented using mature open source tools and frameworks, our Digital Factory automates the end to end software and model development lifecycle. Digital Factory can be quickly customized and implemented in a customer environment to jumpstart new projects and instantly achieve continuous delivery and mature into continuous deployment.

Centers of Learning & Excellence

We view learning and training as an everyday activity for our teams. From class-room to online to on-the-job training we invest and empower our people to learn, build and hone their skills every day. We practice a value-driven culture that seeks to empower our teams to organically form mentor-protege relationships and collaborate across boundaries to solve complex problems and develop innovative solutions. Through this platform, we cultivate thought leadership and integration of next generation technologies for our customers.


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